Pet Relocation Service

Pet Relocation Service 

4 May 2020 

Pets are not only friends but also family members. If possible, you will keep your pets with you when you relocate. Pet relocation is known as a difficult task. Even Johnny Depp was accused of smuggling dogs in Queensland as he tried to keep the dogs with him when filming the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. This case revealed the complexity of pet relocation. To ease the process and help your pets reach the new home safely, you may need to do some preparations.

First of all, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the country you are moving to. Generally, most states allow dogs and cats to enter, but if you have other pets, you may consider checking the restriction clauses. Take Australia as an example, rodents are not allowed. You may also want to check how long the quarantine will be, as some states require quarantine right after the arrival of your pets. 

After considering the country regulations, you should search for the airlines which allow pets. The best way is to contact the airline customer service directly to check. It can be troublesome, but your pet may not be able to board the plane if you skip this step. 

Choosing a comforting crate is another necessary step during the flight. As per IATA regulations, containers should be the right size, comfortable, and labeling is unavoidable. Also, crates do come at a cost. 

Of course, you may find all these steps overwhelming. If you don’t want to stress out or don’t have time to manage, you can also consider hiring a FAIM certified mover. The expert team will help you take care of things like crates, rules and regulations, documentation, etc. They will also offer the arrangement of pet passports, door-to-door transport, updates on your pet’s condition during transit, and help settle your pets in the new home.