How to Select a Reliable Moving Company

How to Select a Reliable Moving Company

How to Select a Reliable Moving Company 

23 Mar 2020

Whether you are moving to a different country or someone you know going to start a life somewhere else, the whole process is a big stress ball, waiting to burst anytime. It is risky but rewarding and satisfying. 

However, when you work with a reliable moving company, your support factors increase, and the stress ball relaxes. 

Avoid going with a company that ignores two things: preparation and planning. These two factors are the key to move stress-free and safely. And, a reliable moving company can offer you everything that lies between these two terms. 

So, what qualities should you consider while searching for a moving company? Will relocation services serve your requirements in a quality-minded and effective way? Don’t believe us, trust the factors to determine a worthy moving company you can hire. 

Quality from Start to Finish 

Asian Tigers provide world-class international relocation services with core values-honesty, professionalism, respect, and integrity. Our services are accredited, trusted, focused on FIDI, FIDI Asia, OMNI, and SGS. 

We follow a strict set of requirements for services-Pre-Move Survey, Customs Guidance, Storage, Delivery, Documentation and Communication, Transportation/Shipping, and Detailed Quote. 

Highly Trained Staff 

Our relocating industry experience exceeds the count of 16,000 families with over 1400 highly trained staff in 14 territories. As a moving company, our team consists of people who are multitasking and adaptable. 

You will observe that each crew member has excellent organizational skills, active listening skills, and perfection in a designated task. Hence, be it packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, lifting, or setting, expect highly trained employees. 

  • Accurate Assessment and Fair Pricing 

Whether you have a budget or not. Asian Tigers have high-looked certifications to say. Whatever your needs are, an accurate assessment of your goods is on us. We will recommend you which items you should take or leave behind. 

While assessing the fair pricing for your relocation, we don’t include the hidden cost. We believe in transparent prices. 

Global Consistent Standards 

One of the considerable qualities you should look at while selecting a reliable moving company is global standards. There’s a high level of compliance included in relocation, and following them is important. 

Asian Tigers is FAIM accredited company that follows professional cooperation guidelines, i.e. appropriate collaboration practices. 

  • Clear KPIs, Reduce Your Risk 

With key performance indicators (KPIs), professionalism and expertise make a fast and meaningful selective perspective 

in the relocation market. As a service provider, we follow the strict guidelines set by FIDI to offer seamless relocation experience to our customers.