Is insurance included in the quoted rates?

No.  Insurance is a separate cost to the move. The cost varies because it is based on the value of the goods to be insured. The rate for this insurance coverage is provided in the quotation.

Do you offer move insurance?

Yes, and we strongly recommend you take out insurance on your move.  Asian Tigers can arrange insurance on your behalf through our (3rd party) provider.  We feature ‘All-Risks’ coverage, on a door-to-door basis.

Is there one insurance for everything related to the move?

Transit insurance covers the move itself from packup to delivery.   If your move requires storage, that will require separate storage insurance.  For further details, speak with your Asian Tigers move consultant.

Is insurance mandatory?

No.  However, damage incurred during the move process is not covered unless there is insurance in place.  As professional movers, we will try our best to minimize and mitigate the risk of loss and damage. However, if damage does occur, be protected with insurance coverage.

How do I get insurance started?

There are two options:

Best Option: Provide an inventory of all the items to be moved, including a brief description, its estimated replacement cost.  Purchase receipts are not mandatory, but in the event of a claim, they will help speed settlement.

Other Option: We can offer lump sum insurance based on the volume of the move.  The formula is one cubic meter equals USD$3,000 in value. Under this option, all items under USD1,800 are covered as a group. Items over USD1,800 must be individually described and declared.

What is replacement value?

This is the actual cost of replacing your item if lost or damaged with a same or similar item at your destination.  If the item can only be replaced in another country, then add the cost of shipping the item to the new location to establish a fair replacement value.

Can I selectively insure a few items?

No.  This contradicts a basic insurance principle.  The insurer will require you to declare all of the items that will be moved.  If you selectively insure (i.e., only fragile or high-value items, your claim may be disputed.  Don’t underinsure.

Can I insure the entire move for an arbitrary amount?

Insurers will not provide coverage based on an arbitrary sum.  They will insist on a detailed list of goods. If you are not able to provide such a list, you can consider the lump sum option mentioned above.

What else will I need to know?

Our insurance is “all risks”; however, there are exclusions to be aware of, such as loss or damage caused by a gradual deterioration, wear and tear, atmospheric or climatic conditions, perishables, moth and vermin damage, loss of data, consequential loss, etc.

What are the common exclusions?

Mold and mildew, electronic and mechanical derangement, and pairs and sets are also common exclusions to most transit policies.  However, Asian Tigers transit insurance does cover pairs and sets, mould and mildew, and mechanical derangement.  Ask your Asian Tigers move consultant for specifics on this important matter.

How much does insurance cost?

We charge a flat percentage multiplied by the total value of your shipment.  There are rates for international and other rates for local moves, so ask your Asian Tigers move consultant for details.

How do I file a claim?

As soon as you are aware of loss or damage, please contact us immediately.  We will guide you through the claim submission process. NB:  You have 30 days from the delivery date to file a claim, so please contact us as soon as you note any loss or damage.

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